> Hi,
> >> modification to the info bubbles that appear when hoovering above properties of the "quantity"
> As for the quantity marker, see [1] which I haven't merged yet. [1]
> will use 'smw-ui-tooltip-title-quantity' as title subject if it is a
> quantity. In English it will display "Quantity" as title and if you
> want to change the title display I would advice against any hacking
> and instead change the 'smw-ui-tooltip-title-quantity' subject text
> for what seems more appropriate in application for your local wiki.
> [1] https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/27872/

Oh, that's perfect! I can still forsee an upcoming need for  different titles for different properties, but for now 'smw-ui-tooltip-title-quantity' is everything I needed to make life a little bit closer to perfect!

Thanks for your work on this feature, btw, you should know it's really appreciated!