Hello Yaron & List,

I have been a SMW user for 2 years now, and my liking of this software has been constantly rising ever since then. I have just completed my first little piece of code (part of SRF) and will ask the community in the coming days whether it would be worthwhile offering it for inclusion to SRF.

There is one idea about SMW I have been wanting and wondering about more than once. I am inclined to put this on the idea/suggestion list mentioned below. But before doing so I would highly appreciate to get a few statements/opinions of experienced SMW folks (i.e. some of you guys) whether this might simply be a dumb or completely unfeasible idea, not worth bothering the SCoC suggestion list with.

The idea is, simply put, to write an extension or even modify SMW core by an option that allows users to modify property values within #ask-result tables. E.g. you have pages of objects containing a price property, you do a query, and could then edit the resulting list with new prices. A special "write back properties" then modifies all the values in the source pages.

I am fully aware that this would be quite some task, and even the concept requires thoughtful consideration (what happens with pages containing a property more than once, etc.pp.). However I have had many user requests that seemed to justify to at least give it a try.

Any kind of comment (be frank, please) is appreciated.


2014-02-11 15:18 GMT+01:00 Yaron Koren <yaron@wikiworks.com>:
Hi everyone,

The Google Summer of Code process has already begun. SMW projects will once again be done via the Wikimedia Foundation (that is, we're not trying to apply separately, unlike in some previous years). This year the GSoC schedule is earlier than I think it's ever been - the list of accepted organizations will be announced on February 24, which is also when students will start applying for projects:

That's only two weeks away. So if you're thinking of trying to mentor a GSoC project, this is a good time to get involved. Here's where project ideas should go:


I already added mine to the list. If you're looking for some inspiration, here's the set of SMW-related GSoC ideas people came up with last year:

I think about half of these have actually been done already, which is a good sign.

By the way, this applies to non-semantic functionality as well - if you want to improve, say, an ad-display extension, that would be great also, and I think the WMF would be happy to take any such projects.


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