I saw the SQL queries on SMW tables that run when a page is edited by logging it on a file. Every 
time a page is saved after editing we write many things to the database. This leads to low performance
on the user side, Markus suggested that before we run any queries we should check that if we did 
the same query last time by using a hash and perform the query only if it is new to prevent too many writes.

However, I think this still leads to slow performance because we will still be parsing the page for SMW
properties every time. Wouldn't it be better if we do not parse the page on edits but instead mark this 
page as "edited recently" and later run a cron job on the server to parse the page and update the SMW 
properties afterwards? This will lead to a single query even if the page has been edited for more than 
5 times in a minute have the same load on the server but save lot of processing time on the user side.

Another of my concern is that we perform lots of Delete and Insert Operations on the database when 
editing a page even if nothing has changed, In simple words we delete and rewrite all properties on that page.
I don't think this is necessary.

I may be wrong here, I am still new to SMW so my apologies for that.

With Regards

Nischay Nahata
B.tech 3rd year
Department of Information Technology