Hi mwjames,

As one of the original authors of jqPlot, I have to say this sounds great! I'm looking forward to seeing the new code in action.


On Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 6:55 PM, James HK <jamesin.hongkong.1@gmail.com> wrote:

While testing MW 1.19beta we had some trouble with the current jqPlot
JavaScript implementation and we decided for a bold move and do some
major re-work [1] of the current jqPlot Bar and jqPlot Pie chart which
resulted in the following changes:

The SRF jqPlot module now requires the ResourceLoader to work with.

jqPlot, D3 and JitGraph now share similar parameter definitions and
PHP methods which should keep maintenance easier.

jqPlot now comes with 4 chart/scale renderer (pie, bar, line, and donut)

## Technology change

Beginning with SRF 1.8 inline JavaScript is generally discouraged in
favour of MW's ResourceLoader module therefore all JavaScript have
been transferred to corresponding resource files (ext.srf.jqplot....).
jqPlot data objects are using mw.config.set/mw.config.get to get
access to embedded data objects.

## New features

The parameter [renderer] has been introduced to select available
jqPlot renderer (pie, donut graph and bar, line graph). (D3 uses a
similar method now)

All jqPot formats can use the parameter [charttext] to display
explanatory text at the bottom of each chart.

The parameter [chartclass] can be used to assign an additional css
class to change the position or add/change margin settings of a chart
(float:right/float:left etc.).

The parameter [valueformat] has been introduced to allow individual
value formatting. (%d a signed integer is the default setting but %.2f
would round numbers to 2 digits after decimal point and can be
combined notions like EUR %.2f, $ %.2f )

Themes (parameter [theme]) now can be customized using jqPlot
themeEngine and are available for all jqPlot renderer in
ext.srf.jqplot.themes.js. A colorscheme (parameter[colorscheme]) has
been introduced using patterns from colorCombs and color scales
developed by Cynthia Brewer. (D3 and jPlot share the same

Other added parameters are [smoothlines], [highlighter], [ticklabels]

An experimental new format (jqplotseries, SRF_jqPlotSeries.php) has
been added as well allowing to combine numercial data sets and to be
displayed as a chart series. Staked bar or line series are supported
as well. The jqplotseries does work but need thorough testing and
should not be used in production. (If you get in trouble with this
module, please try to fixed yourself first.)

## Changes
The split between JavaScript and PHP made changes necessary to ensure
consistency with the data model and despite our efforts we tried to
avoid any disruption of existing default behaviour but in some
instances it could not have been avoided.

The following jqPlot Pie parameters have been changed and could result
in a slightly different display behaviour.

[datalabeltype] has been deprecated and is replaced by [datalabels]
which will have either none or 'percent','value', 'label' option

[legendlocation] has been deprecated and is replaced by [chartlegend]
which now combines the selection.

The following jqPlot Bar parameters have been changed.

[barcolor] has been deprecated and is replaced by chartcolor (a shared
parameter with other chart modules)

## Plug-In
The plug-in has been updated to version 1.0.0b2_r947.

## Unit tests
SWM 1.7.1 and SRF 1.7.1 and MW 1.18, MW 1.19.0beta

Chrome 11.0.700.3 and 17.0.963.66, IE 9, Mozilla/5.0, Firefox/3.6.23

[1] https://github.com/mwjames/smw-srfjqplot

A patch will be available for bugzilla later on.



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