Hi Yaron, thanks a lot for your answer.

The full query is

{{#ask: [[hasAnInternalObject::+]]

"hasAnInternalObject" is defined as property of type Page.
I have check my databse, and indeed my internal object exists, and it has a relationship with my page.( "smw_rels2" table)

The weird thing is that when querying for the "language" property, I get the internal object as result, so it must exist. I use this query for that:

{{#ask: [[language::English]]

Thanks a lot in advance,


2012/11/9 Yaron Koren <yaron@wikiworks.com>
Hi Marcelo,

Yes, the first property goes from the internal object to the page - which means that "hasAnInternalObject" is not an ideal name for it. but nonetheless that query should work. Two questions:

- What is the full query you're calling? Maybe there's an error in the syntax.

- Is "hasAnInternalObject" defined as a property of type Page?


On Thu, Nov 8, 2012 at 9:22 PM, Marcelo Chiaradía <chiaradiamarcelo@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello everyone,

Im using the semantic media wiki, with the Semantic Internal Objects extension, version 0.6.8.

In one of my pages I have a template, that receives several parameters, and the create an internal object with a "hasAnInternalObject" property. This is my template:

This is the "MyTemplate" template.
It should be called in the following format:
Edit the page to see the template text.

I can see in my Database that it creates a "hasInternalObject" relationship from the internal object to the page that defines it. (I supposed that this was gonna be from the page to the internal object, but it wasn`t).

Now I would like to query all my internal objects defined like before, but I get no results. The query i used for this is


Any help?

Thanks in advance,


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