Hi everyone and especially SF/SFI developers! 

I've just finished the pre-alpha version of the new Semantic Form Input for selecting multiple items in a comfortable way. 
You can see the demo here: 


I want to write a piece of technical documentation for myself and for future generations of SFInput writers but I don't yet understand several imporant things about Form Inputs. I'd be very glad if Semantic Forms developers clarified something for me. 

== Question 1. History and future plans ==
As far as I can tell from the code there are three generations of FormInputs exist now, am I right? 

1) in the past input developer had to override getHTML() function. It's done in most Semantic Forms's formsinput but it's not a good way anymore. We also have used 
2) now it's the era of the Resource Loader and to create my input I have to override getHtmlText, getResourceModuleNames and getJsInitFunctionData functions. For figuring out what kind of data can be handled by the input we now use getHandledPropertyTypes function instead of getDefaultPropTypes, getDefaultPropTypeLists and getOtherPropTypesHandled. 
3) In the future addJsInitFunctionData, addJsValidationFunctionData will be used by the internals of the Semantic Forms and all deprecated methods will be removed. 

== Question 2. Naming ==
Is it correct that I have to name my inputs like that: "input_" . $this->mInputNumber  

== Question 3 Naming again ==
What the 'name' attribute is used for? The rule of the thumb is of course that you always make it like that:  $this->mInputName 

== Question 4. Handling lists ==
I'm not sure that I understand about handling lists issues in Form Inputs. 

1) The Name attribute of the form input sometimes have brackets like in it like this: input3[].
2) On the other hand sometimes we add an additional hidden element like
Html::hidden($name . '[is_list]', 1)
3) And thirdly we have the method canHandleLists() to override.

It seems that all three thing are indicating that the form input can handle lists, but it's pretty weird to see three different pieces of code trying to say the same thing. What's happening 

== Question 5. Don't draw my input without proper CSS! ==
When the form is loaded there's a period of time when the user can my element undressed. Namely the user can see he input without any CSS applied to it. How can I avoid such an effect? 

== Question 6. Be part of something bigger ==
Is it possible that my code will be part of Semantic Forms Inputs or Semantic Forms? If so, what versions of SMW, SF, SFI should I use for testing? What versions I have to be compatible with? 

Yury Katkov, 
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