I’ve got several thousand pages that we imported into our MediaWiki that each contain a ‘Location’ property of type string.  We would like to be able to use the Google geocoder to lookup the coordinates of that property, and then use those coordinates to display the locations using the SemanticGoogleMaps extension.  All of this within an ask query.

The issue is that SemanticGoogleMaps is looking for a property of type ‘Geographic coordinate’ and we don’t have that information in our imported documents.  If there were some way to generate that property on the fly during the ask query, and feed it into the map, it would save us the trouble of having to process, and reimport the data.

It seems like someone must have butt up against the problem in the past, we just can’t find any reference to a solution.  Does anyone have any idea of how we might be able to get this done?

Thanks for any help,

 - Keith