I am using the Semantic MW with version 1.15 of MW. I installed the Semantic Bundle extension. I could not get the Parser Functions extension to work so I decided to replace that with what I could get from


I am having an interesting problem with the ParserFunctions extension. When I download the correct version for MW 1.15 (using the extension distributor) then the ParserFunctions extension version displayed in Special:version is 1.1.1 . I attempted to use the parser functions but it just ignores any parser function I attempt to use and displays it as normal text.


When I attempt to use the latest (trunk) version of the code it displays as version 1.3 of the of the extension but it then fails with the message “Magic word ‘if’ not found. This is weird – when I previously use the Parser Function with MW 1.11/13 – the version displayed in Special version was 1.2 and the functions worked correctly – now with MW 1.15 I seem to be stuck somewhere between 1.1.1 and 1.3 and none of them seem to work.


I use PHP 5.3.


I hope someone can help me with this.










Corneel Booysen.


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