Thanks for the tip. I tried SMWWriter, and it seems to have a few problems:

- it introduced spurious \n s into any page it touched, causing much havoc with templates
(this may be a OS compatibility issue, I'm running on a Mac)
- it wouldn't rewrite a field in a template

Looks like it's not quite ready for prime-time, but it's a start.


On Tue, May 25, 2010 at 9:53 AM, Yaron Koren <> wrote:
Mike - the SMWWriter extension, in theory, does exactly what you're asking about - it can add, remove and modify property values in pages, whether they're stored via template calls or in free-form tags:

I don't know how well it works in practice.


On Tue, May 25, 2010 at 4:04 AM, Alfredas Chm <> wrote:

writing properties is not as straightforward. You basically need to append them to the page, but how would you specify where, also formating,etc. If you don't really care about the readability of the page, you can just extend the current api to by a function(name, value) that appends [[name::value]] to the page text.

But there is not standard solution.


From: Mike Travers <>
Sent: Mon, May 24, 2010 11:19:35 PM
Subject: [SMW-devel] Write properties into wiki?

I'm trying to find a way to programmatically write properties into a SMW through an API, just as I can read out properties as RDF. I just want an API that takes a page, property, and value (or values) and stores it. There seems to be no convenient way to do this. Am I missing something?

Mike Travers


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