I'm not sure if I fully understood this, but if so, I don't think you need to modify the code, or use additional extensions, for that matter. If you have a query like:

{{#ask:[[Category:Art objects]]|link=none|template=Art object query}}

...and then, in template "Art object query", something like:

[[File:{{{1}}}.jpg|thumb|link={{{1}}}]] [[{{{1}}}]]

...it should work. The key is the "link=none", which displays just the name of each page, and not a link.

Although really, I would say you should have each page link to its image using a semantic property, instead of just assuming that it's "page name.jpg". Then the query could be even easier:

{{#ask:[[Category:Art objects]]|?Has image}}

If I remember correctly, image pages are by default displayed as thumbnails within SMW queries.

For your second question - if you're arguing that every image displayed within a page should by default have a property (like maybe even "Has image") pointing to it, that could be a reasonable feature. Though dates and locations would be a lot harder to implement, and probably not all that helpful. That's assuming I understood the question correctly.


On Fri, Dec 10, 2010 at 12:33 PM, Ian Stokes-Rees <ijstokes@alumni.uwaterloo.ca> wrote:

On 12/10/10 11:52 AM, Jie Bao wrote:
> You can easily do this using templates (e.g. [2]) and icon extension
> [3], for example [1]

Thanks, those are useful.

The main thing for me, however, is that I want the built-in SMW
functionality to automagically have date, image, and location properties
taken into account in the *existing* search functionality, and to
provide those results in timelines, image galleries, and maps. Even
without that, a great first step would be to have a small image
thumbnail beside every page link that had an image associated with it, and


really seems to be the best place to make such a change.


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