Semantic Maps has an aliasing system that's used to allow alternate names for result formats. A simple example is the googlemaps format. It has several aliases, like gmaps and google, that get linked to the same Query Printer class as the googlemaps format.

When viewing a list of available formats, like on the Special:Ask page, formats with aliases get displayed multiple times. Note that although the actual formats are different, the displayed name for the QP is the same. You can see this issue on referata [0]. Since Semantic Maps is the only SMW extension I know of that uses an alias system, this is probably a new problem. As I see it, there are 2 solution for this problem:

1. Only display the first format, and ignore the aliases, by ignoring QP names that already have been added. This is very easy to do, although maybe not the most robust way. It also assumes the 'main name' for the format gets added to $smwgResultFormats first, so before the aliases.

2. Allow to provide arrays as values for $smwgResultFormats items, which contain a main name, and optionally aliases. That way SMW could distinguise between main names and aliases, and display a list of only the main names, and if wished show the available aliases for a selected format.

Of course, there might be another, better approach :)

[0] http://smw.referata.com/wiki/Special:Ask

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