As promised, I added "Show embed code" link to Special:Ask page:[[Category%3ARFC]]&po=%3FRFC+date%0D%0A%3FRFC+title%0D%0A%3FRFC+author%0D%0A%3FRFC+document+URL%0D%0A&eq=yes&p=format%3Dbroadtable&eq=yes

When clicked, it shows the code for {{#ask:...}} parser function that you can use to embed current results (including format) into a page anywhere on your wiki.

I think that together with format selector, it'll help people create more data-driven wikis. So if nobody objects, I'll check it in for all to enjoy. Patch can be seen here: / (colorized)

Also, during development, I noticed a few bugs or missing features of Special:Ask page:
I hope to have time in the future to address some of these, but don't know when I'll have more time for it.

Markus, Denny, let me know if it's a good idea to add these into Bugzilla to keep track of them.

BTW, is SMW participating in GSoC?

Thank you,


Sergey Chernyshev