My understanding of the situation is that there is no current solution to this - I hope that query "Concepts" and other query cache-ing functions in the future will be able to invalidate query cache similar to how MediaWiki Template inclusion works, but I can consider it being quite challenging task.

Maybe it makes sense to create some sort of extension to SMW that will allow you to implicitly specify pages that must be refreshed when specific property on specific page changes, but it'll also solve just part of the problem, I believe, plus it might trigger some chain reactions in the system which might be dangerous.


On Wed, Jul 9, 2008 at 12:39 PM, Markus Nitsche <> wrote:

Hi everyone,


I'm trying to achieve something like „automatic annotation", where the change of a property value in article A would also trigger a change of a property value in article B. As an example:


I have a set of pages which is connected via the property "has predecessor". In this way, I can tell which article is the "current" one, namely the one which is not referenced by another page via this property. This would look somehow like that:


{{#if: {{#ask:[[has predecessor::{{PAGENAME}}]] }} | [[is current::false]] | [[is current::true]] }}


So if the page has no successor, it is marked as current. This works for the very first article "A".


If I now create an article B with [[has predecessor:A]], then B should be the current. If I _look_ at A, it seems OK since the query is re-evaluated and the annotation is changed correctly. However, it is of course not consistent in the database, since the value would only be saved in the database upon re-saving article A. Therefore, querying for [[is current::true]] gives me B _and_  A.


Long talk, short question: Is there any way how I can change the property on a page A depending on a property on page B _without_ having to re-save A???


Maybe there's an easy solution for this, but I'm stuck…





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