Yes, one way is to export to RDF, another way is to write a converted to KML similar how there are ones for RSS and now iCal.

I don't know how you plan this "another feature", but you can write an extension that talks runs SMW query within the code and interpret it however you like.

If you want to go beyond RDF export, it will most likely require development of some sort.


On Tue, Apr 22, 2008 at 8:51 AM, Alex Le Bek <> wrote:


I would like to save the results of a query to be used by another feature (in this case displaying geographical data on a map).  The geographical data is marked up using properties. Can this be achieved with the 'rss' format type on #ask ? If so what is the syntax for the 'rss' format? My other thought was to export as RDF, convert to KML and read back into maps that way(probably through a parser tag? But that seems messy). The semantic component is tantalizing I know the data's there, and I know I can see it in a table I'm just not sure how to get it out and into another part of the wiki! Any ideas?




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