Are there any problems reported in error log? Try to enable debug info and so on - I would guess that it's some PHP limit that you didn't re-enable in the new setup. Apache logs should tell you more.


On Wed, Feb 27, 2008 at 1:36 PM, Markus Krötzsch <> wrote:
On Mittwoch, 27. Februar 2008, Temlakos wrote:
> Markus:
> When you had issued release 1.0.1 of SemanticMediaWiki, the wiki that I
> co-administer was down--someone had compromised our web host's server,
> either with a faulty PHP upgrade or with a trojan; no one knows for sure.
> We have taken one month to get back on-line on a fully dedicated
> server--essentially a "virtual-private-server" physical host with only
> one virtual host, that being ourselves.
> And when I reinstalled our wiki and then installed SMW 1.0.1, not a
> single page with my custom data type "Historical Date" would load. They
> all would hang. (Pages not having this data type would not hang.)

Oh, that is strange. So far SMW did not include the historical date anyway, so
I cannot imagine what breaks there -- maybe you need some patch that was
accidentally present in SMW 1.0 before (such as having the historical date in
the language file)? The changes to SMW 1.0.1 were really minor, and it is
certainly safe to copy language files from SMW1.0 if this helps.

> You will no doubt anticipate me and say that the Historical Date type
> was to blame. I might go along with that, except for one thing: the
> Historical Date datatype works without a problem in SMW 1.0, the version
> one step back. But when I try to include it with SMW 1.0.1, I get a
> problem.

Strange, then maybe you can (partially) downgrade to 1.0. My plans are still
to make Historical Date the new Date, which is why the datatype is not
included yet. I will rather move its extended features over to Date as soon
as I get down to it.

> I invite you all to visit our wiki. Actually, this one salient feature
> appears to be the cause of a bad interaction with SMW 1.0.1: namely that
> we store most of our images, not on the wiki itself, but on a separate
> wiki, called the Media Pool.

It seems even stranger that this should be the problem, since it seems to be
so unrelated to one particular datatype.

> The reason for this is that we have content
> in English and in seven additional languages--and serving up eight
> identical copies of an image would produce an upgrader's nightmare and
> might also take up extra hard-disk space that we could put to better use.
> Here is the text of a file named "GlobalSettings.php" that we include
> with all the wikis that use this Media Pool:
> > <?php
> > # Shared Image POOL
> > $wgSharedDB = "pool";
> >
> > $wgUploadNavigationUrl = '';
> > $wgUseSharedUploads = true;
> > $wgSharedUploadPath = '';
> > $wgSharedUploadDirectory =
> > '/var/www/vhosts/';
> > $wgHashedSharedUploadDirectory = true;
> >
> > $wgFetchCommonsDescriptions = true;
> > $wgSharedUploadDBname = 'jcreatio_pool';  # DB-Name of PoolWiki
> > $wgSharedUploadDBprefix = ''; # Table name prefix for PoolWiki
> > $wgRepositoryBaseUrl = "";
> >
> > ?>
> You can see the variables that we set, and the sort of directories we
> set with them.
> The trouble seems to arise when we set an absolute directory path for
> the variable:
> $wgSharedUploadDirectory
> This is a fairly common technique, and we have used it successfully for
> years. That it should break now is something of a puzzle.

Just as unclear for me, especially since SMW clearly separates its globals
with "smwg" as a prefix, so there should be no accidental name clashes or the

> If we can't figure out why SMW 1.0.1 breaks when I introduce a custom
> nonlinear data type, then we might not be able to do any more upgrades
> beyond 1.0.

As I said: SMW1.0 and 1.0.1 are largely compatible. Many files are just not
changed, and the others can probably be exchanged one-by-one to track down
the issue. Seeing your earlier contributions, I trust your technical skills
for doing that :-)


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