What you can do is use <noinclude></noinclude> tag around semantic relation definitions - this way they will not be carried over when page is transcluded. It can be used in combination with <includeonly></includeonly> when you want to have some definitions, actually any wikitext, to appear only withing the page that transcludes another page and not on transcluded page.

This is a must for semantic templates since you usually don't want template page itself to have semantic relations and most probably it uses a template parameter anyway so it's better to surround it with <includeonly>.


On Dec 20, 2007 7:28 AM, Michael Erdmann <erdmann@ontoprise.de> wrote:
I have a question regarding the semantics of annotations when they are
included into a page via transclusion.
Assume I have the following pages
 {{:transcludedPage1}}   // note: from the main namespace



In SMW 0.7 I see both annotations added to the factbox of pageA. This is
bad, since now, one annotation will be use for two individuals (pageA
and transcludedPage1).
Actually I would like to see only the annotation from the Template added
to pageA and not the one from the main name space.

Any comments?


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