On 10/9/07, Markus Krötzsch <mak@aifb.uni-karlsruhe.de> wrote:
> > The ask result itself, as provided by the SMW-store, is an
> > multidimensional array that has objects for all values that will get
> > printed (basically the structure is like that of ask result tables, just
> > not as HTML but as objects).
> >
> > But to bring results to a page, they must be serialised in HTML or
> > Wikitext. The output of the result printers achieves that, and it is true
> > that most of this output is compatible with both HTML and Wikitext (e.g.
> > you can have HTML tables in both). The problems arise with links, since
> > linked titles do not work the same way in HTML and Wikitext. But
> > basically this can be solved by copying the HTML-code and replacing some
> > innermost function calls that currently make HTML-outputs instead of
> > wikitext.
> Is that large amount of work (eg. can this be made for SMW 1.0)?
> Sounds like a virtual printer method for an result object or, if
> that's architecturally undesirable to use classes, just calling
> functions indirectly or using callbacks. Sounds simple, but of course
> that depends on actual code..

It should mostly be search and replace. The main remaining work is to
integrate the parser function patch with SMW1.0 and to decide and implement
some open issues.

Markus, do you think parser function will land on SMW1.0 release? It'll make many people (including me) happy!


Sergey Chernyshev