I created a search engine for my SMW extension WikiPapers: http://imagebin.ca/view/CMXlRj.html

When I import a paper, or bulk import a bibliography, I look up each paper on PubMed and get the abstract. I put the abstract in the abstract property for each page that has one. Unfortunately the String type in SMW has a very short length, ~256 characters. I've installed the LuceneSearch extension on our wiki, so full text search is possible. But I would like to make the abstract text available to the SMW-based search engine, and strings longer than around 256 characters just don't work. They show a warning triangle at the end and can only be of type Text. I believe this limitation has to be fixed not only in php code but in the creation of the smw database. As you can imagine I'm reluctant to touch this. Is my only solution really to create  many abstract properties per page and concatenate the abstract text in 256 character segments?