There is even a third session:

Maps and Geo-information & SMW-based Language Wikis

"Maps and Semantic Maps"
by Jeroen De Dauw

"The Language Commons Wiki
by Ed Bice, Steven Bird, Kurt Bollacker, Gary Simons, Laura Welcher

"Open Linked Language Data: Building a Collaborative Database for Hanzi and Kanji"
by Christoph BurgmerHans-Jörg HappelJens Wissmann

On 10.07.2010, at 11:41, Daniel Herzig wrote:

Hi SMW devs,

The SMW session at Wikimania just started,
check out the live stream if you are interested.

Live Stream:

Session #1:

"Five Years of Structured Wiki Data with SMW: Experiences and Directions
by Markus Krötzsch

"Semantic Result Formats: Automatically transforming structured data into useful output formats
by Hans-Jörg Happel, Frank Dengler

Session #2:

"AskTheWiki – A User Interface for Structured Questions and Answers"
by Daniel Herzig

"Reclaiming the Public Metadata Commons, Starting With Video"
by Kurt Bollacker, Richard Martin

"Semantic Search on Heterogeneous Wiki Systems"
by Fabrizio Orlandi
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