I have a Form that specifies multiple {{{for template}}s.  In the articles that this form edits, interspersed between the templates are multiple spans of text. 

Problem: Semantic forms changes the template order so that all templates are bunched together in incorrect locations.

That is, my article might have:
{{{Showfacts person-ex}}} (displays a wikipedia like infobox on the person)
Text block 1
{{{Showfacts children}}} (displays a table of children for the person)
Text block 2

Form:Person-ex edits both of these templates as well as others that I omit for simplicity.  If I place {{{Standard input | free text}}} at the beginning, both templates are moved to the end of the article after editing with form.  If I place it in the middle, prior to the {{{for template | Showfacts children}}}, then I get close to what I want, except that text block 2 precedes the children table.  For an example,  this article has a children table entry with interspersed text as described.  After editing, the children template will be hoisted out of the text to an incorrect location. 

It appears from the documentation that I cannot use comprehensive article form to edit the contents of the children table. I would have to do a partial form for showfacts children and edit it via an edit link in the table.

Or is there some other option?