I am seeing the autocomplete list scrolled offscreen.

To reproduce what I am seeing:  On this page,  edit with form.  Scroll down so that the field State/Province is in mid screen and type "texas".

You will notice that autocomplete is anchored to the upper left corner of the very beginning or the artice even though this position is scrolled offscreen.  Much of the list is not visible. 

Expected behavior: The entire autocomplete list is visible.

This is true for both IE8 and Firefox 3.0.13, as well as other wikis hosted by wikia (eg: government.wikia).

Is this some sort of conifiguration error on Wikia?  Is SF anchoring to an html entity with some class or name?  If so, please provide an example, or feel free to hack either of these examples.  Neither are in wide use. 

Thanks  -Phlox