thanks to Yury’s guidance and review of the referenced document draft, I am successfully using the SMWQuery object for finding pages with specific property values.  Keypoint, type your properities!


Moving forward, I will need to do queries on ‘Semantic Internal Object’ properties, is there any guidance/warnings/hints on searching for these?




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You can do that with SMWQuery object. I'm working at the documentation on this and related classes, many a draft of doc will be useful [1]

On Mon, May 2, 2011 at 6:16 PM, Schott, Peter D (Pete) <> wrote:


As a relative newbie to coding PHP scripts that interact with SMW instance, I have run into a situation that I hope someone can providence guidance or pointers on.


I am trying to search for pages in our SMW instance that contain a match for a specific property value, e.g. [[threadNotInDCB::true]] and haven’t been able to discover how to do this programmatically.  Are the SMW APIs or classes I should be using/looking at?  A pointer to an example would be greatly appreciated.  This is an initial pattern we plan to use and will be looking to create content programmatically in the future so understanding the SMW programming model is a key for us.   I have been reviewing the ‘Programmer’s guide to SMW’ and its references but that has been slow going.


As a temporary  workaround I am putting the ASK queries on pages that use #urlget to get the property value for the query when visited.   I wrote a  PHP script that uses cURL to visit the page and then parse the results to get the page names that the script then reads the contents via the MW API.   I have to believe there is a much more effective method to do this. 


thanks in advance for any guidance or assistance provided.


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