Yes, making the "default=" parseable isa reasonable idea, and it'll probably go into the next version.
In this case, though, maybe it would be better to just have that name/link coded directly in the template, instead of settable via template/form fields, given that you always want it to have a certain structure?
On Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 6:11 AM, Connell, Nick (CIOK) <Nick.Connell@fao.org> wrote:

[SemanticForms v1.8.8]

I found it useful in a form to have this syntax in a hidden field:

{{{field|HasDetail|default={{SUBJECTPAGENAME}}_Detail }}}

so I could effectively auto-generate a page name for additional details
linked to a given page without the user being able to alter the name.

To enable this I tweaked SF_FormPrinter.inc, changing line 538 to:

$default_value = $wgParser->replaceVariables($sub_components[1]);

so that it parsed & substituted variable values embedded in the default value clause.



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