CNIT - perhaps you responded to the wrong thread?

On Fri, Feb 26, 2010 at 2:35 AM, CNIT <> wrote:
The idea of concepts is really great. I use it to shorter and to
organize the queries at my wiki. However, the shortening and prettifying
of Special:Ask/.... URLs is not complete, because currently concepts can
define only the data querying set [[..]], not the order / formatting
parameters. These parameters are passed to format=rss generated URL
encoded as -XX values. Such RSS feed works OK for browsers, but I've got
complains from mobile clients users that their RSS clients don't like
such huge URL's. If I'll try to make a patch for concepts to store order
/ formatting parameters as well, so they won't necessarily have to be
passed as the part of Special:Ask url, will such patch be accepted? Or,
perhaps there is easier way to make pretty-looking short "concept in RSS
format" feeds?

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