I think there are still problems with the new Javascript - maybe the Ajax preview shouldn't have been made the default until all of these were resolved. In any case, you (or anyone else who's having this problem) can easily fix it by removing the line that starts with "<div id=..." from the form definition page.

On Wed, Sep 16, 2009 at 2:09 PM, Stephan Gambke <f.trott@gmx.net> wrote:
Cassandra Browning wrote:
> Does anyone have the preview function working correctly in Semantic
> Forms?  It just sort of hangs for the page for me so far. I just have
> a 'read www.google-analytics.com showing in the browser status bar
> when I hit 'show preview', and it also greys the button out after
> clicking.  I'm using

If you use the one-step process double-check that your page name
definition is correct. (That caused all of the hangups for me.)

Is your wiki public?


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