It looks like the issue is some sort of permissions problem - the "loading" image, for instance, is being looked for at:

but the browser can't get to that page - in fact, it looks like none of the extensions from Semantic Bundle are user-accessible:

Assuming it's hosted on Unix/Linux, some sort of "chmod a+r" command is probably necessary.


On Sun, Jul 26, 2009 at 9:19 AM, Dan Bolser <> wrote:
Hi all,

A colleague of mine has installed Semantic Bundle (SB) here:

Initially their were some problems because he installed both SMW and
SB, which includes SMW. He resolved that by simply removing the call
to the separate SMW in LocalSettings.php. This apparently fixed a
number of CSS issues, for example, the #ask "format=table" was giving
a plain table instead of a sorttable.

However, their still seems to be some problems with the autocomplete
CSS (when it was working) with the suggestions appearing in the middle
of the screen instead of below the field. The 'please wait' animated
gif (after saving a form) is also missing. Now autocompletion seems
broken. See:

Am I doing something wrong, or does this look like a slightly borked install?

Could this be a problem with the SF version in SB?


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