From what I remember, this doesn't just cover free text - it preloads the entire page, and then the form displays it accordingly. If you want the value to show up in a form field, it would presumably have to be within a correctly-name field within a template call.


On Mon, Jul 20, 2009 at 6:36 PM, Brian Osborne <bosborne11@verizon.net> wrote:
SMW users,

I'm playing with Semantic Forms, specifically "Preloading data" using the sfEditFormPreloadText hook. Here's the relevant line from the documentation:

  • Finally, you can create your own custom handling, using the 'sfEditFormPreloadText' hook. If another extension calls this hook, it can preload data however it wants. The function registered with this hook should have a header like "function-name(&$page_contents, $page_title, $form_title)".

I made a little extension, put the function in it, registered the function, it works. But the string returned by my function ends up in the "Free text" field. Is this what this is supposed to do? From the name of the hook I suppose the answer is 'yes'.

Actually, a better question: is there any way I can put data into some other specific field, not the "Free text" field?

Thanks again,

Brian O.

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