No, "Modification date" is the only hidden property that SMW has at the moment - all others have to be set explicitly.


On Fri, Apr 24, 2009 at 9:24 AM, Nicholas W <4407@log1.net> wrote:
Some Mediawiki special pages can be transcluded, specifically:

Newpages, Wantedpages, Allpages, Prefixindex, and Recentchanges.

For example:

{{Special:Newpages/4}} gives 4 new pages:

I have noticed that the problem with doing this is that pages which
included transcluded special pages are never cached, this can
sometimes lead to slow performance.
I am wondering if there are hidden or special properties I can use in
combination with {{#ask: to do a similar thing

For example, this does work to find the most recently modified pages:

{{#ask: [[Modification date::+]]
| ?Modification date
| format=table
| link=all
| sort=Modification date
| limit=10
| order=descending

I am really keen to have something similar that will show the
sub-pages of a page as I use this feature quite a lot.

Thanks for your suggestions,

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