It would be great if calendars could support recurring events. I think technically, it could be pretty easy to implement: you could probably do it with four or five new special properties: "Has period unit", "Has period number", "Has first occurrence" and "Has last occurrence", and possibly "Has exception date", to handle dates on which the event doesn't happen but should, or the other way around.

The first two properties would handle the frequency, so a weekly event would have values "[[Has period unit::week]]" and "[[Has period number::1]]".

The big issue is whether such properties should be defined by the 'Calendar' format in Semantic Result Formats, or whether they should be defined by Semantic MediaWiki itself, and thus supported by all of SMW's date-handling tools.

(After that, the big issue is who will implement this feature. :) I probably could, if I have time for it.)


On Mon, Mar 23, 2009 at 3:11 PM, David Raison <> wrote:
Hi folks,

I've been reading your thread on "AnyDateTime" and stumbled upon this
quote from Markus:

For most purposes, we would like
to implement an idea of a totally ordered, "physical" time, i.e. every two
input times should be comparable and correspond to real time points of the
world. This excludes inputs like "May 1" which would describe an infinite
number of recurring intervals that we are not prepared to handle.

I was actually reading through the list because I'm quite interested in
a result format that could present recurring events on a weekly or
monthly basis.

When you say, you're not prepared to handle that, what are the issues
involved? Are there no efforts being put into a recurring events feature?
 I don't know whether I can find the time to work on it, but if you
could give me a few hints as to the problems, I might give it a try.

The background is that we're currently using semediawiki to handle our
events calendar ( and
Trouble is with recurring (weekly or monthly) classes or workshops. It'd
be very convenient to have such a feature.


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