The SMWStringCondition class, defined in /includes/storage/SMW_Store.php, defines conditions that can be added to string searches. Currently three condition types are defined: STRCOND_PRE, STRCOND_POST, and STRCOND_MID; all three relate to where in the target string the search string can be located. I would like to see another condition added, one that dictates a case-insensitive search, perhaps called STRCOND_CASEINSENSITIVE or STRCOND_NOCASE; and then, of course, support for that new condition wherever it applies. I would like this for Semantic Forms' property-based autocompletion feature, which so far has been using hardcoded SQL, but which I'd like to transfer to use SMW's SQLStore code; it has to be case-insensitive. Are there any objections to having such an option added?