(I'm sending this to the SMW users list as well, because I think that's where I think the question really belongs.) If I understand it correctly, this is the third question that's come up recently about creating what could be called "hierarchical" queries - queries where it's not just a set of property values that are displayed, but property values of those property values, and possibly further levels down as well; Felipe Freitas and Isabel Sargent asked about this before.

I believe that the ideal solution to this will come in the form of one or more new query formats, called something like 'hierarchy' or 'outline'. I brought up the possibility of an 'outline' format a few months ago on this list; you can see my thoughts about it here:


I know someone is working on creating such a format (I don't know if he wants his identity revealed just yet) but in any case, if there's this much interest in the concept, maybe it's worth having a discussion about what the ideal display layout of such a format would be.


On Fri, Dec 12, 2008 at 2:42 PM, CW Dillon <cwdillon@gmail.com> wrote:
I'm trying to connect two sets of pages that link to each other and maybe even extend query results to properties of pages returned by a query. 
On the set of "Requirements" pages, my users use forms/templates to set several properies: a, b, and c; all in a Category:Requirements
On the set of "Solutions" pages, my users use forms/templates to set several properties: d, f, and g.  One property autocompletes on property "RequiredBy::" of Type::Page, which the template formats to be the name of a Requirements page. 
On the Browse Properties page/Fact Box for the Requiremnts pages, I have the option to "hide/show properties that link here" and my Solutions page is listed below. 
Q1.  Is it possible to return that same link in a query result? 
Q2.  Is it possible to write a sub-query that would return property values (d, f and g) for the page that is returned by the "properties that link here" page value?
Intent is render results for a Requirements query that asks,
{{#ask: [[Category:Requirements]] [[Property a::+]]
  |? Property a
  |? Property b
  |? Property c
  |? property that links here
     |? Property d
     |? Property f
     |? Property g

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