Brooklyn says hi. :) Let me say that even this simple demonstration of charts looks amazing - this really brings up a lot of possibilities. However, I think it's a bad idea to include this code directly in SMW. The Google Charts service is free, but it's not open source, which means that (a) they could start charging for it at any time, and (b) the whole project now becomes reliant on this URL staying up. Even if neither of those ever become a real issue, there may be companies and organizations that have a strict open-source policy for the applications they use, and SMW would now violate those. I think this code is much better off getting packaged as a "Semantic Google Charts" extension, using the same hooking-into-the-ask-query approach that Semantic Google Maps now takes. I don't know if I should be the one to do that (I guess we can talk about that). But if that happens, it still would be nice to have an open-source graphing library directly within SMW - that JpGraph library looks like a good one, although the graphs it creates look ugly as sin compared to Google's - maybe that can be changed.


On Tue, Jul 8, 2008 at 10:15 AM, Krabina Bernhard <> wrote:

> Now this may be the fastest granted wished feature ever :)

wow! I'm impressed! I will definitely give it a try.

> I do not expect to have much time to explore this further,
> even though it would be very cool to choose colours and to
> add more info, and to use more of the chart types that Google
> offers. It would be even cooler if someone could find an Open
> Source library that can create these charts itself (didn't
> find something when browsing shortly), so that the data does
> not have to be sent to Google, and so that we can expand it
> more easily, and make it a proper self contained part of SMW.
> So if you want to take over development here, feel free to do
> so! We probably will not clash when doing it (but you may
> drop a note on the dev list before you do something bigger so
> that we prevent double work).

The problem is that I'm no PHP developer. So I can add something here or
there and provide translations, but I have not the skills to take over a

But I know someone who is doing a great job in taking over other's somewhat
abandoned projects ;-)

[hint] greetings to brooklyn [/hint]

Regarding library, maybe is worth considering?


> Krabina Bernhard wrote:
> > Dear SMW developers,
> >
> > in the German speaking magazin c't I read an interesting article on
> > the Google Charts API:
> >
> > Would't it be nice to see a SemanticGoogleCharts-Extension
> where Data
> > of a Semantic Mediawiki can be displayed using the Google API?
> >
> > (Or maybe use this one:
> >
> > Come on, PHP-cats show me what you can do ;-)
> >
> > cheers,
> > Bernhard
> >
> >
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