If I may interject, is the use of the "Person" and "Author" properties on your site simply to establish that the page in question represents a person and/or author? If so, probably the better solution is to use a category, instead of a property, like "[[Category:Author]]". Although SMW is meant, in part, to help avoid the use of categories, they still serve one important function in SMW-based sites, which is to establish the "class" of a page. Categories, unlike properties, have a natural concept of subclassing, which SMW's ask queries respect, so that doing a query on "[[Category:Person]]" will also get you all pages that have a category of "Author", or any other subclass of "Person".

Though I could be wrong about what you're using the properties for.


On Jan 12, 2008 6:06 PM, John Carter <john.s.carter@gmail.com > wrote:
Thanks for your response. That did take care of the specific problem.
In general, however, it is an unsatisfying answer... if I have 50 subproperties in a multi-level ancestry, I lose a lot of the coolness of being able to query them with a single statement if I need to hard-code 50 statements to display that query's data...
So, feature request!
The * should behave exactly like the + in Ask queries.

On Jan 12, 2008 9:29 AM, Temlakos <temlakos@gmail.com> wrote:
My comments below.

John Carter wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm just getting started and I've run into a wall...
> I've defined a property called Person, and a subproperty called Author.
> I've written a simple Ask query as follows
> <ask format=ol>
>    [[Person::+]]
>    [[Person::*]]
> </ask>
> This correctly lists all pages with any Person annotation AND all
> pages with any Author annotation. That is, the "+" does what I thought
> it would.
> However, the values are only given for the Person pages, NOT for the
> Author pages. That is, the "*" doesn't seem to traverse the subproperty.
> Help, ideas, opinions?
> Thanks,
> John Carter
I ran into a similar problem.

I had to add another line to the query, repeating the subproperty, thus:

<ask format=ol>

Now actually I did this for tables, not for ordered lists. But this
solution might work for you after all.

I'm not even sure, by the way, what operators traverse the "subproperty"
declaration, other than +.

If someone could tell me what lines in what script files define those

Terry A. Hurlbut


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