It seems to me that, to handle all cases, and to really reflect the underlying logic, what you're looking for wouldn't be a relation between two properties, but rather a relation between two property/value *pairs*. To use one of your examples, you could say that the combination of "Atomic number" and "2" implies the combination "rdf:type" and "Category:Noble gases" (that's Helium - I had to look that one up). To simply say that "Atomic number" implies "rdf:type" wouldn't be enough - and it wouldn't reflect the cases of an atomic number lower than 0, or higher than 118 (I had to look that up too), which would just be bad data, and thus doesn't imply anything. I don't know if RDF or OWL can be used to represent that kind of logic, though.


On Jan 7, 2008 7:01 PM, S Page <> wrote:
Given a "Date of birth" datatype property of type xsd:dateTime, a human
being can infer other properties such as birthday, year of birth,
astrological sign (zodiac).  Some of these a semantic application could
produce by changing date display format, but something like astrological
sign is much more elaborate.  Another example: you can derive from the
"Atomic number" property of an element whether it is of rdf:type
"Category:Noble gases" or not.

Is there an a name or discussion for such derived or implied properties?
 I don't see anything in OWL docs on corresponding to this.
(It's sort of like rdfs:subClassOf, but I don't think that applies to
datatype properties.  It's not really rdfs:subPropertyOf or
owl:equivalentProperty because if I understand correctly the set of
pairs has a different extension because the objects are different

In the wiki I'm familar with (Semantic MediaWiki on,
people have create meta-properties such as "Relation implied by
attribute", or "Attribute implying attribute", etc.  I'd like to come up
with a single meta-property name and link it to the formal basis.  (I'm
not asking for a system that derives these or expresses how they're
derived! :-) .)

Thanks indeed,
=S Page

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