I'm trying to implement a simple graphical interface for Special:Ask.
You can see an early version of it on my test wiki: http://mw.stefahn.alfahosting.org/wiki/Checkbox

The search interface should always be visible in the upper part of the page.
In the lower part the search results should be shown.
My idea was/is to use an iframe for the search results -
I want to use  <form action="foo.php" method="post" target="iframe_foo">
to load the search results in the iframe.

foo.php could read out my checkboxes and generate wikitext (like used in an inline query).
Now my problem is: How can I let the generated wikitext be parsed?
Up2now the wikitext is not parsed - I guess because foo.php is loaded within the iframe
and thus put out as usual HTML...

It would be great if you could point me into the right direction.
Do I have to use a hook to add the wikitext to the parser? If yes, which one?

I highly appreciate any help on this!

Thanks in advance,

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