On 18.07.2012 13:07, Daniel Schuba wrote:
I'm wondering why the most important thing about this is not mentioned. Which versions of PHP are used/installed on major linux distributions. For example I have an ubuntu server with 10.04 LTS with PHP 5.3. So when PHP 5.3 is requiered that's okay for me. When starting to requier PHP 5.4 then I would have to make a dist update an so on. And when PHP 5.4 breaks any compatibilities an maybe older PHP-Script won't work I would even have to set up a second server. I think this could be the best way to stop a lot of users use SMW.

Yes, some distros, especially server-targeted ones, are really slow with their package updates. However, usually there are external repositories which offer newer versions of packages. I use the following repository for CentOS, I guess there might be similar repos for LTS as well:
It has:
php 5.4.4 RHEL-6 backport

I do not decide anyway. Sorry for these posts. I'll be silent.