I have a separate property hasCategory which I set appropriately in my templates. I then query that instead of the category.

#ask:[[My page]]|?hasCategory

Of course this only works if your pages are generated by templates :)


On 23/05/12 21:11, Leonard Wallentin wrote:
>> is there a way to hide hidden categories from showing up in query results that I have missed?
>If you mean excluding the pages for a certain category from your query result, then no, you cannot do this. I think.

Sorry, that was unclear. I mean hiding the categories with the magic word __HIDDENCAT__ from catagory printouts in queries like:

 #ask:[[My page]]|?Category

Normally, if you don't want the categories to be rendered in the pages by MediaWiki, you probably don't want them printed by SMW either, at least me.


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