Hi Markus!

Thank you for your answer.

I'll be delighted to answer any RTL (right-to-left) related questions...

Markus Krötzsch wrote:

Or, more generally speaking: should "technical" tags such as <ask> and their 
parameters also be translated?
I prefer to be able to translate this tag as well: Mixing RTL(=Hebrew) and LTR(=English) text in the same page is the real problem.
Control characters such as < and > have "weak directionality" behavior.  In this case this means that when I *type* in Hebrew  <ABC> where ABC are Hebrew letters I do see on my screen <CBA> but internally the sequence is really <,A,B,C,> ; This means MediaWiki treats this just like any other regular LTR tag, and will detect it as a tag and parse any hooks as required.
(And I believe this could be very easy change, adding one string to the language files which will be sent to the setHook function instead of the hardcoded 'ask'.)

I still need an answer for this one:
And I've got a newbie question:
How do I force all pages to recreate/purge/refresh, so they will appear
in semantic searches?