Thanks for the heads-up on that. I made the necessary change (including specifying the custom namespace index) but there was no difference. A fact box is being shown on http://www.bendigo-orienteers.com.au/mediawiki/index.php/Category:News but not on the pages in that category.
This then lead to me finding out that none of the semantic forms from my previous install have come through in the upgrade. Do I have to re-create all the forms? I wouldn't have thought this was an issue for displaying the fact box.

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> Just upgraded our installation of MW to 1.14.0. Have also upgraded SMW 1.4.2
> but none of the pages are displaying the factbox. I am in the process of
> doing an update through admin functions for SMW which is 75% complete at the
> time of writing.
> Would have thought I could still see factboxes on at least a few pages. Is
> there anything else I have to do?

I'm not sure if this is your problem but, I think the factbox is no
longer displayed by default... you can turn it on with a setting in

Have a look here...