I wish to make it easy for people filling in semantic forms to get extra information on one or more fields. 
The existing Editing Help link at the bottom of every semantic form links to a single page that has to addreess every form. This is useful, but does not satisfy the above requirement pertaining to a single form.
Two things would be desirable, depending on the user and their familiarity with the form.
ONE:  More experienced users may be familiar with most fields, but may need help on a small number of fields. For them, it would be helpful to have a 'what's this' functionality. It could be done in two ways:
1. tool tips, so that when you mouse over the name of the field, you get the text explaining what the field means
2. a what's this link which pops up a window explaining the link
TWO: New users would likely find it useful to have a separate window pop up that gives instructions for how to fill out the form, e.g. documentation on each field, and anything else.  The user would be able to glance over at the window to help out as they filled in various fields.  This would be easier than having to click a what's this link for each field, and easier than mousing over a link to have text displayed.
Also, how might this be implemented? Has this been done before? If so can you point me to links so I can look at it?

Michael Uschold
M&CT, Phantom Works
425 373-2845

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