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The SMWStore class provides a SQL-independent API to the storage layer, so I think you could implement it with a non-relational database and SMW would still work.

"Storing the data in a triples-based database in addition" is as I understand it the idea behind doing a bulk export into an external store.

Maybe RAP (Rdf API for PHP) is far enough along for a talented developer to try it as an alternative storage layer.

Wow, good info all around.

I recall recently seeing info about ARC for PHP:

Redland does indeed have PHP bindings these days:

(Written by Dave Beckett of Triplr incidentally)

I've used Redland to run SPARQL queries within tiny Rails applications in the past, but for anything sizable I'd recommend against it since Redland SPARQL doesn't optimize SPARQL queries - meaning you can get results back with an order of magnitude improvement just by moving the line-order of statements.

I wonder what the DBpedia people would be able to add to this discussion.