Hey all,
I'm going through the upgrade slog, and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience getting the latest 
Rich Media Extension working with
MW 1.15.5
SMW 1.5.3
SemanticForms 2.0.4

It installs, and when I add the {{RMList|show=True}} template call to a page,
I get the richmedia form, with the "Attach File" button,
and clicking on that opens the file upload dialogue, but when I upload file, the form page goes blank, and firebug gives me the error:
parent.document.getElementById("") is null http://ssemtestdb00/metwikiupgrade/index.php/Special:UploadWindow Line 79

However, the file actually uploaded, though it's not "attached" to the page I uploaded from in any way.

I know that my versions are totally aligned; but it seems like rolling some extensions back to line up, will just put me out of sync with different extensions. (Unless someone out there's got a "recommended version" list I could go with?) so I'd like to forge ahead and try to fix these issues if possible.

Anyone have any advice for me?