Thank you for your help. I've solved my problems though I did not change the UTF8 encoding to the latin1.

2007/11/30, Markus Krötzsch <>:
Hi 張致信,

not quite sure what error you refer to (no image is attached). But on I can
comment on the errors at

* "Special:Types"

This error is caused by a broken database setup on your site. You use
utf8_general_ci encoding, which is experimental for MediaWiki and unsupported
for SMW. You can try to fix this by setting this as a default collation of
the DB, and then recreating all SMW tables. Details are found in MediaZilla
(search for "collation" in the SMW bug reports).

* "Type:Date"

This error (which also occurs in other cases) is caused by some strange
setting of $smwgQDefaultNamespaces on your site. This variable should be an
array or NULL, but is something else in your case. Try to find out where you
have modified this setting, and repair this configuration.

* "Timeline"

You use the query

<ask>format="timeline" link="all" timelinebands="DAY,WEEK,MONTH"
timelineposition="start" timelinesize="400px" sort="結束日期" limit="25">
  [[開始日期:=*| ]]
  [[結束日期:=*| ]]

This does not work since you did not put the parameters into <ask ...> but
behind it. Write <ask format="timeline" link="all"
timelinebands="DAY,WEEK,MONTH" timelineposition="start" timelinesize="400px"
sort="結束日期" limit="25"> ... to make it work.

So, luckily, no SMW bugs here.


On Donnerstag, 29. November 2007, 張致信 wrote:
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: 張致信 <>
> Date: 2007/11/30 上午 6:32
> Subject: SMW timeline query bug report.
> To:
> Hi there.
> On the page "" , It say
> "Watch out! This page describes concepts from <=0.7 that have been dropped
> in version >=1.0!"
> I try a queriy in timeline format. It go wrong(I am using 1.0 RC2). But on
> the page "", it works find.
> I think it's exactly the same query. In fact, I imported some pages from
> ontoworld. See "".
> You can find the timeline page on "
> I am not sure if it's a bug in the latest SMW.
>    -  MediaWiki < >: 1.11.0
>    - PHP <>: 5.1.6 (apache2handler)
>    - MySQL <>: 5.0.24a-community-nt-log
>    - *Semantic MediaWiki (version
> 1.0-RC2)<>
>    *
>    - *or others
>    *
> My Database structure is utf8_general_ci (like followed picture).
> The error message is like followed picture.

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