We’re playing around with the pre-alpha release because we can take advantage of some of services, pages and other features.  We encountered a problem in the RDF export – the code drop that we got converts everything to DataTypeProperty, including links (relations) of type “Page”.  We believe that the following change should fix this issue:


At what is line 640 in this morning’s current version SMW_SpecialExport.php (printTriples routine), change the “getTypeId()” (which always returns “_typ” in the new scheme of things to “getXSDValue()” which seems to return “_wpg” (web page) where appropriate.



                                    case SMW_NS_PROPERTY:

                                                if ( $et->has_type ) {

                                                            if ( ('annouri' == $et->has_type->getTypeID()) || ('annostring' == $et->has_type->getTypeID()) ) {

                                                                        $type = 'owl:AnnotationProperty';

                                                                        //$subprop_rel = "smw:subPropertyOf";

                                                                        //TODO  can it be equivalent? cannot be a subproperty

---->                                          } elseif ('_wpg' == $et->has_type->getXSDValue()) {

                                                                        $type = 'owl:ObjectProperty';

                                                            } else {

                                                                        $type = 'owl:DatatypeProperty';                                                            


                                                } else {

                                                            $type = 'owl:ObjectProperty';





Harold Solbrig

Apelon, Inc.