Hi Alex,


I don’t know if there’s a wayy to watch a page which contains a query in such a way that you will be notified as the query changes – even though I don’t think so. However, if this functionality is crucial to you, you could wait for the next release of the Halo extension [1], which is due in about two weeks. It will contain a function called “Semantic Notifications”, where you can define a query and will receive a notice whenever


a) articles or annotations are removed from the result set

b) articles or annotations are added to the result set

c) annotations within the result set change


Depending on the size of the query result, you will either get a detailed notification (containing a diff of the query table) or simply a notification stating that _something_ changed (This happens when your query result is too long, because the function will then only save a hash key in order to save space in the DB).






[1] http://sourceforge.net/projects/halo-extension


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I have pages where the content is largely derived from inline query results. Specifically I have a page of bug/feedback reports each of which is a page generated through a form. I now realise that I can't  use 'watch' to be notified when this page's query result changes which makes it difficult to manage such content. I can see this is difficult but just wondered if there had been any ideas about this - or whether the new Concept pages might 'notice' when their result has been updated?