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Version 1

After rewriting the annotation an merging algorithms we now release verison 1 of semanticSBML. Please look at our homepage for documentation and more.

Posted by fkrause 2008-08-25

New Beta release

I just uploaded a new version of the beta release that fixed some major bugs, it is still not perfect but the development of the new version is too far for more features, the new version will support MIRIAM annotation qualifier and the merging process will be completley redesigned

Posted by fkrause 2007-08-24

Beta Release Out for the Fearless

Hello this is Falko, I'm currently in charge of getting the semanticSBML project up-to-date. Currently I posted a new release, which is a beta for all the fearless that are willing to test it. I was able to install and run semanticSBML on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X however there are still some issues to be solved. One of the big things that do not work yet is everything related to graph visualization on Windows. Please feel free to mail us bug reports to make semanticSBML run on your machine.

Posted by fkrause 2007-08-10


SBMLmerge and further tools have become a Python module. That is great for other Python programmers who want to merge SBML models in their Python programs. Have fun

Posted by Marvin Schulz 2006-10-30

Recent developments

We are currently migrating the internal database to MySQL.

Posted by Marvin Schulz 2006-08-18