Kristofer Tingahl

SEG-Y files need special compression because they don't compress well using gzip and the like. The code is cross-platform C++ using nothing else than standard system libraries. This is a spin-off from the OpendTect project (http://opendtect.org).

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A simple example in a Linux xterm (well, kterm actually).

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  • Bert Bril
    Bert Bril

    Jan 25, 2013 - Bert: I reverted to the old style ultra-simple build ... 'just type make'. New build on Windows, new VC++ stuff, retained the ios::binary fix so it actually works there (tested by Ranojay BTW). This led to what could be called version 0.0.2 ...

  • Bert Bril
    Bert Bril

    Last time I tried (Jan 2015) on OpenSuSE 13.2 I had to add '-lm' to the rule for linking the executable (line 31 of Makefile). The line becomes:
    gcc $(ALLFLAGS) -I. -o $ $.cc $(SRCOBJS) -lstdc++ -lm