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segatex-8.510 released !

Incorporated refpolicy20140311.
Fixed many files from qt3 style to qt4 style.
If there are any errors, I will fix them in near future.
For example, I have to fix breakif.cpp and breakte.cpp, but function itself works fine so please wait for a while.
Analyzing refpolicy itself is same as 8.500, as I promissed, I kept updated every time refpolicy updated.
My name is printed on refpolicy/Changelog.contrib line 52.
Thanks to Dominick.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-03-15

segatex-8.500 released !

Hey, dude. What’s up?
Havin' fun with yr SELinux box?
Here's your new toy.

Added "sepolicy-generate" tab.
Fixed some files from qt3 to qt4 style.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-02-22

Upcoming new features of segatex

I've been drinking with my linux friends and one guy said he is needed to be adviced to generate his own policy.
So, I adviced him label the file correctly and generate a policy.
But, I know it's sometimes hard for you to write a good policy.

When you know a boolean sets you have to know, you even don't have to genarate your own policy.

So, first thing you should know, is correct SELinux hierarchy.
Maybe you should read Mr.Dan Walsh's blog.... read more

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-02-21

segatex-8.400 released !

Incorporated refpolicy newest which had been checked out 18th Feb.
Fixed some files from qt3-style to qt4-style.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-02-19

For the future you and me

Hi, enjoying with SELinux?

I've been reading the news I've posted here lately and found I had good idea.
Although I have not made them in reality full, but my new box is very fast, so I will release segatex for you rapidly than ever more.

You can play with latest refpolicy and you will get every joy from my source.

And always be remembered the sentence, "setenforce 1".

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-02-10

segatex-8.300 released !

Incorporated refpolicy which had been checked out 02/10,14.
Rpm version for x86_64 architecture.
Fixed seinfo.cpp.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-02-10

segatex-8.200 released !

Incorporated refpolicy which had been checked out 08/02/14.
Fixed break.te.
Fixed rpm spec file.
For those using rpm version, please #rpm -e segatex and #rpm -ivh segatex-8.200...
You will also see segatex link in help-other tab.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-02-08

Idea for next segatex version

Thanks for downloading segatex.
I'm thinking about making segatex better.
These items I will work on in near future.

1 Update refpolicy analyzer everytime as refpolicy is commited.

2 Make segatex policy generation script usable one.

3 Analyze refpolicy or SELinux policy on any architechture, like windows or mac.

On number 3, just because I write segatex by qt, I don't think it's hard for me to do.

Please be patient, untill I release next version.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-02-03

segatex-8.100 released !

Updated refpolicy.
Fixed spec file for RPM version.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-02-02

segatex-8.000 released !

Incorporated new logo (Pink Rabbit).

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-01-27

segatex-7.991 released !

Fixed Yum SELinux to install and update all selinux-related packages.

In rpm package, now "rpm -e segatex" will clean segatex directories and modules alltogether.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-01-22

New feature for segatex-7.990

Not only it incorporated latest refpolicy for you guys to analyze it, in RPM version, I've added function to remove /usr/share/segatex and segatex SELinux policy.
That will enable you to install and uninstall by RPM version easily with no worry.
I will fix this in near future, I forgot something to remove.
But, as a whole, it does not make bad on your system so, don't worry.

Play with SELinux and segatex, it's free and open source.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-01-19

segatex-7.990 released !

Fedora-20 friendly.

Incorporated refpolicy checked out 1/17/14.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2014-01-19

segatex-7.980 released !

Fixed segatex SELinux policy module.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2013-07-23

segatex-7.970 released !

I released new version of segatex.
It fits totally on Fedora 19.
If you install older version of segatex, you will get SELinx error something like xmd_t can't link file to segatex_exec_t.
I fixed that problem and works fine on Fedora 19.
I will fix more on segatex in near future.

Enjoy playing with segatex!!

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2013-07-22

more fixes to come

Thank you downloading new segatex.

I will fix more for you in new future.

Because new refpolicy is released, I may have to add some lines to tunablepolicy.txt.

And, I found Canada and Germany is the biggest countries of fans for segatex.

I can i18 to French and German.

I can show you word list.

Now I think I do it alone, but, help is needed.

Thanks in advance.


Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2013-05-09

segatex-7.950 released !

Incorporated latest refpolicy.

refpolicy version is 20130424.

Updated sqlrefpolicy.db.

sqlrefpolicy.db is a combined .if files in sqlite format database which had been broken down by segatex's scripts for you to scrutinize how interfaces work in SELinux manner.

You can analyze latest refpolicy just clicking buttons.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2013-05-06

segatex-7.940 released !

Fixed segatex SELinux policy module.
Added another tunable_policy.txt file which shows directory and file each tunable_policy reside.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2013-02-26

segatex-7.930 released !

Added function showing tunable_policy and breaking into raw allow sentences by break.te button.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2013-02-24

Future segatex.

segatex can help you understand SELInux.
By understanding SELInux, it will be the best to solve problems on security bleach.
You have to solve actual problems on every ocassion whether or not allowing access on target domain by source.
For your help, I will write some security bleach program by C and connect to segatex button.
If you push the button, C program will occur security bleach to your Linux box and setrobleshoot will pop up.
I hope segatex will teach you the danger in the very C program and help you evaluate the problem.
If you decided to allow the program to attach the target, segatex will help you write SELInux module.
This is called Anti Minor Offense Action - AMOA.
Next is called Anti Critical-Offense Action - ACOA.
This action will show you why you should not allow the event and the high probabilty of an attack to the box.
Last one will be called Helping Guide Action - HGA and it is an advice for you to write an appropriate SELinux module for the program.
This includes setting boolean stuff.
These features will be incorporated in segatex this year.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2013-02-11

segatex-7.920 released !

Policy generation by segatex is fixed.
You can see what is needed or not by pushing button.
In this fase, you can consult Refpolicy Analyzer for solving your problems.
I'm on my way, so keep on watching !

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2013-02-09

segatex-7.910 released !

refpolicy analyzer is totally new !

You can enjoy pushing buttons and searching what you want to find in refpolicy.
Cleaned codes.
Set some Japanese translations.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2013-02-08

segatex-7.910 will be released soon!

segatex policy will be fixed.
Japanese translation will be fully loaded.
German and Fench translation will be ready.
Code will be cleaned up.

These will be done by 10th Feburary.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2013-02-05

segatex-7.900 released !

Fixed segatex policy and Fedora downloader.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2013-02-03

segatex-7.890 released !

Fixed Japanese translation and segatex module.

Posted by Shintaro Fujiwara 2013-02-02