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Development of 404SEF continues

After of a lot of time from the latest release, the community has been miss the excellent 404SEF component.

Right now I will continue the develop of 404SEF, like a first move, the code was moved to the SVN repository and the PR1 release was tagged, the bug, feature request, patches and support request trackers has been enabled for invite you to report all the issues of the component.

The basic idea is still supporting the 4.5 branch of mambo and include the new 4.6 and posterior branches.... read more

Posted by andphe 2007-04-12

404sef-PR1 Released

Sorry, for the delay. I have not abandoned the 404sef project, but work and home life have been extremely busy lately. My deepest appreciation to "Beat" for his continued work in my absence. Thanks also to "tijs" for his continued prodding to release a new version. For those of you familiar with Beat's work, you should recognize PR-1 as Beat-v1.2. Many thanks to ALL those who have contributed language translations. Thank you guys!
Also, thank you to "crash" for the new icons and logo that are part of this release. If I have failed to mention anyone else by name, my apologizes. EVERYONE's contributions to this project are appreciated. Thank you all.

Posted by W.Welch 2005-05-06