Error 403 Forbidden on Squeeze

Richard Ch
  • Richard Ch
    Richard Ch

    On Debian Squeeze after complete installation of snort, snort-mysql, create db snort on mysql and testing snort from command line (all works fine), when request page http://myserver/acidbase/ show "HTTP 403 Forbidden The website declined to show this webpage. Most likely cause: the website requires you to login"… BUT I uncommented line on /etc/acidbase/apache.conf about user login… The permissions of all directory /usr/share/acidbase (lo like that this, I dont remember now)  is all OK with apache2 permissions www-data:www-data, bla bla …
    Any idea??
    Best regards

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson


    Due to the fact that the Debian maintainer packages and changes the application  and does not provide patches back to the main project (Which I consider a violation of the GPL but what do I know), we do not support this package.

    We can help you if you install from the 1.4.5 package here.  If not, please contact the Debian maintainer for support.

    sorry for the problems,